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Andreas Eastman Bassoon Reeds Medium Soft


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Unparalleled quality and tone for the discerning bassoonist.

Indulge your artistic passion with premium bassoon reeds crafted from the finest French cane. Handmade in France using traditional methods perfected over generations, these reeds produce a refined, articulate tone that brings out the full range of your instrument. With graduated strengths from soft to hard, you'll find the perfect reed to match your playing style.

Premium French Cane for Unmatched Tonal Quality
Sourced from the Var region of southern France, the cane used in these bassoon reeds is renowned for its resilience, density and tonal qualities. Precisely cut and filed by skilled artisans, each reed is crafted to produce a balanced, focused tone across all registers of the bassoon. Whether you prefer a darker, mellower sound or a brighter, more projecting tone, you'll appreciate the tonal subtleties and nuance these premium reeds allow you to explore.

Graduated Reed Strengths for Players of All Levels
With reed strengths ranging from soft to hard, you can find the ideal reed to match your playing style and skill level. Softer reeds require less air pressure and produce a warmer, more rounded tone, while harder reeds demand greater breath control but reward you with a more projecting, articulate sound. As your technique develops, you can progress to gradually stronger reeds to expand your tonal palette.

Handcrafted Using Time-Honored Methods
These bassoon reeds are handmade in France using traditional methods that have been passed down through generations of skilled craftspeople. Each reed is individually crafted, cut and filed to precise measurements to achieve optimal tonal balance, response and pitch. This meticulous handcrafting process produces reeds of unparalleled quality, durability and tonal refinement. You'll hear and feel the difference with the very first note.

Protective Case Included
To keep your premium bassoon reeds in peak condition, a protective plastic case is included for storage and transport. The case helps shield reeds from environmental damage while also keeping them neatly organized and clearly labeled by strength.

Experience the tones of mastery. Order your premium French bassoon reeds today.