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Behringer BA 19A Boundary Condenser Microphone Standard


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A boundary mic ready for lows from the studio to the stage.

The Behringer BA 19A boundary condenser mic brings pro-quality sound to recording and reinforcing low-frequency instruments. With its updated condenser capsule and XLR connector, the BA 19A boundary mic captures the deep, powerful tones of kick drums with ease. Its tailored frequency response also excels on pianos, tubas and other low-register instruments. A switchable presence filter lets you shape the sound character, boosting joyful brilliance or earth-shaking bass as needed. With the BA 19A, you can capture punchy attack by placing it inside your kick drum pointed at the beater. For more robust low end, position it just inside the drum at the air hole. The BA 19A combines crisp transient response and thunderous lows to reinforce your sound right. On stage or in studio, it handles high SPL while giving you the focused low-end presence your performance needs.

Shape Your Sound With the Presence Filter

The BA 19A gives you tonal control via its switchable presence filter, allowing you to tailor the sound for different styles and requirements. Adjust the filter through the slide switch right on the mic. One position provides a brilliant boost to bring out the crack and pop of percussion. Flip to the other setting for a joyful lift in the high mids and highs. With a quick slide of the switch, you can go from a smooth, robust kick sound to one with piercing attack. Dial in just the right blend of lows and crisp presence.

Engineered for Your Low-Frequency Needs

From its design to its components, the BA 19A boundary mic aims to capture commanding lows. Its condenser capsule is optimized for bass instruments and offers strong low-frequency response down to 20 Hz. The balanced XLR output captures your sound without coloration and allows long cable runs without noise. Despite its rugged build, the BA 19A condenser mic weighs just 1 pound for easy positioning. Place it inside your kick drum or under the lid of your grand piano to mic lows with minimal intrusion. With its tailored low-frequency response and switchable filter, the BA 19A boundary mic makes it easy to get commanding lows in any situation.

High SPL Handling for Live and Studio Use

The BA 19A condenser boundary mic thrives when used for miking low frequencies on stage or in the studio. Its condenser capsule captures articulation and punch even at extremely high SPLs up to 144dB. Mic the kick drum at a rock gig or reinforce a tuba in a live brass ensemble without distortion. In the studio, track an upright bass direct to your DAW or add kick drum reinforcement to your mix. The BA 19A's neutral tonal balance integrates smoothly into any instrumentation. Rely on it to accurately capture those hard-hitting low tones at any volume.

For drum kits, pianos and any low-register instrument, the BA 19A boundary condenser mic makes it easy to dial in serious low-end. Its tailored frequency response, switchable presence filter and robust build let you mic commanding low frequencies in any environment. For powerful, articulate bass tones, trust the Behringer BA 19A.

  • Connectivity: XLR
Pattern and type
  • Polar pattern: Half-cardioid
  • Type: Condenser
  • Applications: Studio
Included accessories
  • Case: Yes