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About Microphones

For centuries humans have experimented with objects that could be used to speak to large crowds. Today microphones are used for everything from live performances to PA systems and studio recordings. There are a wide range of microphone types but the two most common are condenser microphones and dynamic microphones both of which come in small and large diaphragm configurations. Condenser mics capture sound through a thin diaphragm that's placed closely to a metal plate. They need power but their high-quality of sound reproduction makes them ideal for studio recording. Dynamic microphones require no power and are not as sensitive to high frequencies. They're also very durable which makes them perfect for live performance applications. Thanks to technological advancements wireless microphones have improved tremendously. Wireless dynamic microphones cut down on cord clutter and are often preferred by live performers who want more freedom of movement.

To improve the quality of sound there are many microphone accessories available to cut down on unwanted noises and feedback. Pop filters are the most common accessories and are essential for recording vocals. Shure specializes in many convenient microphone accessories including clips goosenecks grilles and cases. On stage and in the studio most audio engineers agree that drums require the most amount of effort and planning to mic properly due to the various parts that make up a kit. Both dynamic and condenser mics are used to mic drums and where each microphone is placed on a kit will have a significant impact on how the drums will sound. Drum microphone kits are very easy to come by and legendary mic companies like Shure have plenty of choices to consider.