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Behringer HPX4000 DJ Headphones Standard

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All the features DJ's want, at a price to fit any budget.

The Behringer HPX4000 closed-back high-definition DJ headphones check all the boxes with impressive sound, rugged build and ergonomic comfort—all for a wallet-friendly price.

Wide Frequency Response Brings Out Crisp Highs and Thumping Lows

Immerse yourself in your mixes with the HPX4000's full frequency response of 20Hz–20kHz. The large 40 mm neodymium drivers deliver clean, balanced sound across the spectrum so you can pick out every detail in your tracks. Punchy bass, sparkling highs and clear mids come through with power and precision for monitoring or casual listening. The headphones provide plenty of volume without distortion so you can crank up the music.

Around-Ear Design Creates a Comfortable Listening Experience

DJing requires focus so you don't want your headphones to be a distraction. The HPX4000 features a comfortable around-ear design that surrounds your ears with plush padding. The ear cups rotate to find the perfect fit for your head size and shape. The self-adjusting headband is lightweight and flexible for fatigue-free wear. With the HPX4000, you can concentrate on perfecting your transitions rather than adjusting your headphones.

Durable Construction Stands up to Heavy Use

Your headphones go wherever you go so they need to be built tough. The HPX4000 uses high-quality materials like oxygen-free copper in the cable to create a durable product without compromising sound quality. The tangle-resistant cable has ample length so you can move freely behind the DJ booth. A 1/4" adapter ensures broad compatibility with mixers, controllers and audio interfaces. With its rugged metal hinges and sturdy headband, the HPX4000 is designed for years of professional use.

Cost-Effective Solution for Serious Sound

As an aspiring or working DJ, you need pro-level gear but have to mind your budget. That's where the HPX4000 comes in. For a fraction of the cost of premium headphones, you get impressive audio performance, comfortable long-term wearability and rugged build quality. The HPX4000 over-delivers for the price, letting you allocate more funds toward other studio gear. Upgrade your monitoring experience without breaking the bank.


  • High-definition bass and transparent highs
  • Wide dynamic range
  • High-efficiency cobalt capsule
  • Single-sided coiled cord with oxygen-free copper wires
  • Round swiveling ear cups
  • Rugged headband construction