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Besson BE2052 Prestige Series Compensating Euphonium Lacquer


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A customizable powerhouse for the accomplished euphoniumist.

The BE2052 Prestige Series Compensating Euphonium from Besson is a professional-grade instrument designed for the advanced player seeking ultimate control and projection. Developed in collaboration with renowned euphonium soloist Steven Mead, the 2052 combines Besson's long tradition of brass instrument mastery with innovative features tailored to the needs of today's most discerning musicians. Its ergonomic design, compensating trigger mechanism and resonant open tone give euphoniumists a customizable powerhouse for solo and ensemble performance.

Ergonomic Design Minimizes Fatigue for Longer Practice
The 2052's lightweight yet durable build provides hours of comfortable playability. Its tapered shape rests easily against the body, while strategically placed padded handles make transporting and handling the instrument effortless. The 2052's redesigned valve casing reduces stress on the hands and fingers, enabling euphoniumists to focus on their craft rather than physical strain. Whether rehearsing a challenging new piece or performing a lengthy concert, the 2052's ergonomic design allows musicians to play at their peak.

Trigger Mechanism Offers Precise Intonation Control
Besson's compensating trigger mechanism gives euphoniumists unparalleled control over intonation. Four triggers—one for each valve—can be engaged to subtly adjust individual notes as needed for perfect pitch. This feature ensures that the 2052 can handle even the most demanding solo and ensemble literature with accurate, resonant tone. For the advanced musician seeking an instrument that matches their own level of artistry, the 2052's trigger mechanism is ideal.

Open, Projected Tone Carries in Any Acoustic
The 2052 produces a bold, resonant tone that fills any acoustic space. Its large bore and bell are specially engineered to generate an open, projected sound with rich overtones. Whether performing a tender ballad or an energetic march, euphoniumists can rely on the 2052 to carry throughout the concert hall. Its vibrant timbre also blends well with other instruments, making it a premier choice for ensemble playing.

Distinctive Esthetic Inspired by the Natural World
Besson's Prestige Series boasts an appearance as striking as its sound. The 2052's decorative engravings feature naturalistic leaves, vines and flowers—a nod to the organic quality of its tone production. Its gold-lacquered finish and art deco-inspired curves produce an instrument that is as visually stunning as it is tonally superlative. For the euphoniumist seeking an instrument that matches their artistic sensibilities in all aspects, the 2052's unique esthetic is ideal.

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  • Key: Bb
  • Bore: .580-.650-inch graduated
  • Bell: 12-inch
  • Bell Material: Yellow Brass
  • Bell Position: Upright
  • Valves: Stainless Steel
  • Number of Valves: 4
  • Valve Position: 3 Top and 1 Side
  • System: Compensating
  • Features: Main Tuning Slide Trigger with Quick Release System; Heavier Mouthpiece Receiver; Heavier Bottom Valve Caps
  • Case: Yes
  • Mouthpiece: Yes
  • Mouthpiece Shank: Large
  • Finish: Lacquer, Silver