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Black Ice Boost Battery-Free Onboard Guitar Boost Standard


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A battery-free boost that accentuates your tone at the touch of a button.

The Black Ice Boost is an ingenious module that provides fingertip access to a clean midrange boost, without the need for a battery. Designed for guitarists who want more control over their tone, it can be easily installed in most electric guitars with no permanent modifications required. With the Black Ice Boost's selectable dual-stage boost, you get versatility to shape your sound. Use it as a clean boost to push your amp into saturation or pair it with the Black Ice Distort module (sold separately) for even more tonal options—all without a battery. Its broad midrange focus is perfect for adding volume and girth to single coil pickups like Strat and Tele models.

Get up to +7dB of Clean Boost Without a Battery

The Black Ice Boost gives you easy access to up to +7dB of clean boost, completely battery-free. No more fumbling with a pedalboard or dealing with changing batteries. Just install the small module into your guitar, and you'll have an always-ready boost. The Black Ice Boost's mid-focused frequency response is tailored to complement single-coil tones, adding richness and body that makes them stand out in the mix. Whether you need a volume lift for a solo or just want to push your amp into natural overdrive, the Black Ice Boost has you covered.

Easily Install Without Permanent Modifications

Despite its powerful tone-shaping ability, the Black Ice Boost module installs easily into your guitar electronics cavity without any permanent modifications. No routing or soldering required. It's about 2/3 the size of a 9V battery, so it fits comfortably into most guitar cavities. Installation just takes a few minutes with the included instructions. And when bypassed, the Black Ice Boost leaves your natural tone completely unaffected. Take it out at any time, and it's like it was never there. It's the versatile, non-permanent guitar mod every player needs.

Shape Your Sound with Selectable Dual-Stage Boost

What really makes the Black Ice Boost special is its selectable dual-stage boost, giving you expanded tonal options. The first stage provides a clean +4dB boost, focused squarely on the midrange. Kick in the second stage for a total of +7dB, sculpting your tone with even more mid-emphasis. Used on its own, it's perfect for pushing your amp into natural breakup. And paired with other Black Ice Distort, you can create the perfect amount of grit and sustain for searing classic rock leads or massive modern metal tones.

Pair With Other Pedals for Even More Versatility

In addition to its own powerful boost capabilities, the Black Ice Boost complements your existing pedalboard perfectly. Use it as an always-on, pre-gain boost to push your overdrive, distortion or fuzz pedals into new levels of saturation. The focused midrange bump helps tighten up the low end. Whether you play blues, rock, metal or anything in between, the Black Ice Boost is an essential tool for enhancing your tone.

For guitarists who want more control over their sound, the Black Ice Boost is a must-have mod. Its battery-free convenience, ease of installation and studio-quality boost make it an incredibly versatile tone-shaping tool. Order the Black Ice Boost module and take your guitar tone to the next level.


  • Compatible with most passive pickup types
  • Quick and easy installation
  • No battery needed