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About General Accessories

Behind any instrument or pro audio system, there is a complement of supporting accessories designed to help it perform. These may be used during a performance, recording or rehearsal, or they may be accessories meant for use between sessions. Music stands, for instance, are among the most popular of accessories, backed by a wide variety of manufacturers like Manhasset and Musician's Gear. Instrument cables are another great example with a similar inventory of brand names, including Planet Waves and Live Wire. These accessories are used during a performance: stands to hold sheet music in reading position, and cables to link electronic instruments to amplifiers as well as to connect pro audio hardware together.

Rounding out the list of general accessories used in tandem with instruments and gear are things like tuners (employed onstage to prepare for performances), metronomes (used for training a musician's timing), microphone stands (which may support other accessories in addition to the microphone itself) and power essentials. Away from the stage and studio, other accessories may take the spotlight: for instance, a cabinet stocked with instrument care supplies and finish treatments can save on trips to the repair shop, while a variety of furniture, novelties and assorted other lifestyle accessories contribute readily to the theme of an enthusiast's home - and they also make excellent gifts.