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Salyers Percussion Intermediate Student Pack Standard


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The essential tools for exploring percussion.

The Intermediate Student Pack from Salyers Percussion provides percussionists with a complete set of mallets and sticks to develop their skills. Carefully selected components are tailored to students, with a focus on quality, versatility and affordability. The EGT20-Timpani mallets feature felt heads and maple shafts for a range of tones from timpani. E30-Yarn mallets have soft yarn coverings ideal for chimes and xylophone. Durable E70-Rubber mallets allow for practice on any percussion instrument. PCS1FF- Fulcrum Finder Drumsticks help students hold sticks properly, with an innovative fulcrum finder. All items fit in the included SSB-Stick Bag with padded lining and outer pocket.

EGT20-Timpani Mallets Provide a Range of Tones
The EGT20-Timpani mallets are essential for any percussionist. Their felt heads and maple shafts create a variety of tones from timpani. The mallets are carefully weighted and sized for students to develop proper technique and control. Their durable construction will provide years of reliable use for practice and performance.

Soft Yarn and Rubber Mallets Protect Instruments
The E30-Yarn mallets and E70-Rubber mallets allow students to explore a wide range of percussion instruments without damage. The E30-Yarn mallets feature soft yarn coverings that create a warm, resonant tone from chimes and xylophone. E70-Rubber mallets have durable rubber heads for use on any percussion instrument. Their specialized materials and construction make them ideal for students developing skills.

Fulcrum Finder Drumsticks Aid Proper Technique
The PCS1FF-Fulcrum Finder Drumsticks feature an innovative fulcrum finder to help students hold the sticks properly. Made from hickory, the drumsticks provide the ideal weight, durability and rebound for learning. The fulcrum finder gives students a visual guide to place their fingers in the correct spot, developing muscle memory and proper technique.

Convenient Stick Bag Keeps Everything Organized
The included SSB-Stick Bag provides padded protection and organization for all components. Its durable nylon construction, padded lining and outer pocket keep mallets, sticks and accessories in one place. The SSB-Stick Bag's thoughtful design allows for comfortable transport and storage, ensuring percussionists have everything they need for practice or performance.

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