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Manhasset M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands Standard


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A versatile, adjustable stand built to last.

The Manhasset M48 Carton of 6 Music Stands provides musicians and performers with a premium yet affordable solution for displaying sheet music and other materials. Constructed of lightweight, durable aluminum and steel, each stand in this 6-pack is designed to handle years of regular use. An infinitely adjustable height range from 26 to 48" and automatic friction-tilt neck allow you to customize the stand to your ideal position. With the M48's compact, space-efficient design and rugged stability, you'll be able to rely on clear, unobstructed viewing of your notes for every rehearsal and performance.

Premium Materials Ensure Lifelong Use
The M48 is crafted from high-quality, long-lasting materials, including an aluminum desk, chrome inner shaft and steel base. These industrial-grade metals are coated to resist damage from scratches, dents and weathering, allowing your stands to maintain their structural integrity and appearance over time. The strength and durability of the M48's materials provide stability and the ability to support the weight of heavy loads of sheet music without buckling or tipping.

Adjustability for Your Ideal Setup
An adjustable height range from 26 to 48" in 1" increments, as well as an automatic friction-tilt neck, make the M48 Stand highly customizable to your needs. Raise or lower each stand quickly and smoothly to your preferred height for comfortable viewing and turn the neck to change the angle of the desk. The innovative no-knob design of the friction-tilt neck allows you to lock the desk securely in place at any tilt position with a single squeeze. With this high level of adjustability, you can optimize the position and angle of your M48 Stands for the specifics of your instrument, sheet music and performance space.

A Stable, Reliable Base
The M48 features a heavy-gage welded steel base that provides superior stability on any surface. The wide, sturdy footprint of the base distributes weight and prevents tipping, allowing you to display even large stacks of sheet music without risk of your stand toppling over. You can count on the secure, balanced base of the M48 for worry-free use on uneven floors or risers and the durability to handle frequent transport and setup. The stable, reliable base gives you confidence in an uninterrupted performance with no slips or collapses of your stand.

Compact, Space-Efficient Design
With a 20" wide desk and a minimal footprint, the M48 Stand is designed to take up little space. Its compact size makes the M48 easy to fit onto crowded stages, in rehearsal rooms, classrooms and more. When not in use, the stands nest inside each other for efficient storage using a minimal amount of space. The M48's combination of a compact, lightweight build and rugged durability results in stands that are highly portable and able to withstand transport to and from storage, rehearsals and performance venues.

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  • Bundle of 6 M48 Music Stands
  • Aluminum desk
  • The original Magic Finger Clutch
  • Solid brass bearings and clutches
  • Automatic friction-tilt neck
  • Heavy-gauge, all-steel base
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime Warranty