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About Stands & Racks

In orchestral pits recording studios jam spaces and on stages stands and racks can be found in every corner of the music world. Stands and racks are available for virtually every musical instrument and also for equipment like amplifiers mixers and DJ setups. In fact today's music market is loaded with instrument stands and racks from trusted manufacturers like Musician's Gear Manhasset Hercules Stands On-Stage and Proline. These companies build stands and racks for both performance and practice purposes - in some cases musicians can even opt for a wall hanger if that's how they choose to display their instrument of choice.

While cases and gig bags are essential music accessories it's been proven that musicians pick up their instrument more often when it's easily accessible and they can see it in clear view. For this reason serious musicians usually keep their personal instrument stands in places where they spend a lot of time including rehearsal spaces and living rooms. With that being said certain stands and racks can be crucial to a musical performance. For example music stands keyboard stands and microphone stands allow for adjustable heights and promote better posture during a live event. As for amplifier stands they offer more control over the amp's angle for better sound results. Even percussionists can choose from a wide variety of drum racks - an ideal alternative for those who want more stability in their setup.