Item #1600893 Model #BLACK ICE DISTORT

Black Ice Distort Battery-Free Onboard Distortion Circuit Standard


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Distortion at your fingertips with no batteries required.

The Black Ice Distort module brings grit and grind to your tone, without the need for batteries or pedals. This innovative circuit installs directly into your electric guitar or bass, converting the tone control into an onboard distortion effect. With the turn of a knob, you can dial in anything from subtle breakup to aggressive fuzz. The Black Ice Distort requires no upkeep or batteries, providing a lifetime of distortion tones with the twist of a dial.

Installs Seamlessly Into Your Axe

Getting that always-ready distortion is as easy as wiring the Black Ice Distort module into your passive pickup guitar or bass. The sugar cube-sized unit installs seamlessly into your instrument, with no external power required. The distortion engages when you turn up the tone knob, delivering grit right from your guitar. For players who want to avoid pedalboards without sacrificing tone-shaping options, Black Ice Distort offers an ingenious built-in solution.

Stack It With Boost for More Tone Crafting

For even more tonal versatility, pair the Black Ice Distort with the Black Ice Boost module (sold separately). The Boost delivers volume and sustain for solos, while the Distort brings the gain. Use them together to shape the perfect dirty tone— from clean boosts to saturated leads. The modules install easily and work in tandem to provide a wide range of on-board boost and drive—no batteries or pedals needed.


  • Compatible with all passive pickup types
  • Quick and easy installation