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BLOCKI Pneumo Pro Wind Director Standard


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Master your flute skills with revolutionary technology.

The Pneumo Pro Wind Director is an innovative flute practice tool designed to help you develop proper embouchure and breath control. This revolutionary device allows you to focus your air column for an optimal tone and pinpoint technique. With regular use of the Pneumo Pro Wind Director, you'll find it much easier to produce a clear, focused tone from your flute.

Develop Proper Embouchure and Breath Control
The Pneumo Pro Wind Director helps you form the correct flute embouchure by providing visual guides for lip and mouth positioning. It also assists with breath control by giving you tangible feedback about the speed, direction and consistency of your air stream. By enabling you to visualize the path of your breath, the Pneumo Pro Wind Director helps you gain mastery over this fundamental flute skill.

Portable, Foldable Design for Easy Practice Anywhere
The Pneumo Pro Wind Director features a lightweight yet durable frame that folds down for compact storage and transport. You can set up your Pneumo Pro Wind Director in seconds and practice anywhere, whether at home, in a practice room or on the go. Its portable size fits easily into any flute case or bag. The Pneumo Pro Wind Director's flexible, user-friendly design lets you get the most out of every practice session.

Revolutionary Technology for Improved Tone and Technique
The Pneumo Pro Wind Director utilizes patented technology to provide real-time visual feedback about your embouchure and breath control. Its precision guides help focus your air column for an optimal flute tone and enhance your technique. With regular use, the Pneumo Pro Wind Director builds muscle memory so you can achieve the same great results without visual aids. Experience a revolutionary improvement in your flute skills with the Pneumo Pro Wind Director.

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