Care & Cleaning for Woodwinds

About Woodwind Care & Cleaning

While all musical instruments need routine maintenance and cleanings in order to continue working their best, woodwind instruments require an extra level of care due to their fragile nature. This includes removing any moisture inside the instrument and using a mouthpiece brush dipped in warm soapy water to scrub off dust and residue. Swabs are another essential woodwind cleaning tool: by placing the weight of a swab into the bell turning the instrument upside down then using the swab's chamois to absorb any moisture swabs are an easy solution to keeping a woodwind instrument playing smoothly.

Woodwind care and cleaning kits are very easy to come by on today's music market and feature everything a player needs to keep their woodwind instrument looking sounding and playing great. Clarinet care kits, saxophone care kits and flute care kits are offered by all the most respected woodwind accessory brands. These kits contain important supplies like cloths brushes swabs polish tone-hole cleaners and cork grease. "Care & maintenance" manuals are also included to guide musicians through the cleaning process. However it should be noted that if any specific issues can't be resolved with a care and cleaning kit it's always in a player's best interest to bring their instrument to a certified repair technician for additional help.