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Hodge Oboe Silk Swab Black


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Made by Hodge, a trusted brand for woodwind supplies, this swab is designed specifically for oboes to properly maintain the instrument after each use. The ultra-absorbent 100% silk material thoroughly wicks moisture from the inner bore while the plastic-coated straight weight allows it to glide smoothly through the assembled instrument. Woodwind players everywhere rely on Hodge swabs for their premium quality and effective performance.

Premium Silk Material
Hodge uses only the highest quality silk for their swabs because it is naturally absorbent yet lint free. The silk fibers easily soak up moisture but compress to fit through narrow spaces. Unlike other materials, silk won't leave behind fibers that can build up inside the instrument over time. The silk swab pulls through the fully assembled oboe to clean the entire interior surface.

Plastic-Coated Weight
The Oboe Silk Swab utilizes a plastic-coated straight weight that allows it to pass through the oboe smoothly without risk of snagging or abrasion. The swab is designed to glide through the assembled instrument for quick and effective cleaning after playing. The plastic coating also prevents damage to key work and other components. For safety, a cord is attached to the end of the swab in case it gets stuck so it can be retrieved.

Trusted Brand, Premium Product
Hodge is a renowned brand for high quality woodwind supplies and their silk swabs are a top choice of professional musicians and music educators. The Oboe Silk Swab provides oboists with a reliable swab designed specifically for their instrument to properly maintain it after each use. The premium silk material and plastic-coated weight provide an effective, gentle cleaning solution that will keep your oboe in prime working condition for years to come.