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Blue Juice Valve Oil Standard


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Premium protection and performance for brass instrument valves.

Blue Juice valve oil provides unparalleled lubrication and protection for the valves of your brass instrument. Made from a proprietary blend of petroleum distillates, this valve oil offers lightning-fast response and silky smooth action for valves of all types. The anti-corrosion additives help prevent buildup while protecting your valves from wear, keeping your instrument in peak playing condition.

Ultra-Fast Response for Optimal Playability
The thin viscosity and slippery formula of Blue Juice valve oil allows your valves to glide effortlessly with every press, enabling the fast, articulate performance demanded by today's brass players. No matter the speed or complexity of the passage, Blue Juice valve oil ensures your valves can keep up.

Comprehensive Corrosion Protection
Blue Juice valve oil contains special anti-corrosion additives that form a protective barrier, shielding your valves from the damaging effects of moisture and residue buildup. This helps prevent sticking or sluggish action while significantly extending the lifespan of your valves.

Precision Application for Minimal Waste
Blue Juice valve oil comes in a convenient 2-ounce bottle with a controlled dropper tip, allowing you to apply just the right amount of oil exactly where you need it. The dropper gives you complete control over how much oil is dispensed so you can avoid excess dripping and waste.

Trusted Worldwide by Students and Professionals
Blue Juice valve oil is the preferred choice of musicians at all levels, from students and educators to professionals. Its high quality, versatility and proven performance have made it the most popular valve oil for brass instruments across the globe. You can trust Blue Juice valve oil to keep your instrument in peak playing condition.

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  • Excellent lubrication on close-tolerance brass instrument valves
  • Prevents corrosion and buildup of dirt and residue
  • Controlled dropper bottle tip for precise application and minimal waste
  • 2-ounce bottle for easy transportation in your instrument case