Bonade Bass Clarinet Ligatures

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One of the world’s most popular ligatures since its design by Daniel Bonade in the 1950s, the classic, French-made D. Bonade ligatures provide the musician with fantastic response and flexibility whil… Learn More


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  • Pressure Ribs: The patented “pressure rib” design of the Bonade ligatures ensures less contact with the reed surface allowing the reed to vibrate more freely. The result is greater vibrancy and focus in the sound.
  • Double Screws: The Bonade features two screws which allows for greater variation in reed response. Tighten or loosen the upper and lower screws to discover the best pressure and position for individual reeds.
  • Platings: The Bonade ligatures come in a variety of platings to enhance the color of your sound.
  • Nickel Plated = Brilliant and projecting
  • Silver Plated = Focused and ringing
  • Gold Plated = Warm and round