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Boomwhackers C Major Bass Diatonic Scale Set (Lower Octave) Boomwhackers Tuned Percussion Tubes Standard


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Deep tones for maximum musical fun.

The C Major Bass Boomwhacker set gives you seven tubes tuned an octave lower than standard Boomwhackers, extending your percussive range. With durable, recyclable plastic construction, these color-coded tubes are built to withstand impact from little hands and big imaginations. Clearly labeled C through B, the C Major Bass Boomwhacker set is ideal for teaching pitch recognition and basic music theory.
Seven Notes Tuned an Octave Lower
Whether you already have a set of standard Boomwhackers or are just getting started, the C Major Bass Boomwhacker set adds lower tones for a huge range of sounds. Notes from C to B give you a full diatonic octave tuned an octave below the standard set. Now you can play basslines, richer harmonies and lower melodies for maximum fun.

Durable and Recyclable
These tubes are made of a sturdy plastic polymer that stands up to enthusiastic play. They're also fully recyclable so you can feel good about using them in an educational setting. The C Major Bass Boomwhacker set encourages environmentally-friendly music-making that can be enjoyed for years.

Color-Coded for Easy Learning
Each tube in the C Major Bass Boomwhacker set is clearly labeled with its pitch, from C to B and color-coded to match standard Boomwhackers. This makes it simple to teach pitch recognition, intervals and basic theory. Students of all ages will have fun while gaining a deeper understanding of music.

Combine with Standard Boomwhackers for Maximum Range
Use the C Major Bass Boomwhacker set on its own or combine with the standard C Major Diatonic set to span two full octaves. This extended range gives you limitless possibilities for creating rich musical textures, call and response and complex rhythms.

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