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The considerations involved in managing a music room easily outnumber those of other classroom types. Fortunately with a proper complement of classroom furniture and supplies these requirements can be easily met. The most pressing need is the management of musical instruments which can be accomplished in several ways. For instance educators needing the ability to move a large number of instruments in and out of storage may turn to the selection of instrument storage racks from A&S which are built on casters for mobility. Alternately when a more permanent installed solution is called for instrument cabinets may be a better fit. Norren modular cabinets are fair examples offering modular layouts that allow customization to fit each classroom's needs.

Not all classroom furniture and supplies are directly related to instruments. For instance teachers conducting students in choirs will likely make use of choral risers. These are widely available from brands including Lyons and Midwest Folding Products having three or more steps to allow for varying sizes of choir. Most risers feature a slightly curved shape or angled edges allowing multiple units to be setup adjacently in an arcing layout to further increase the potential ensemble size. Choirs will also need music folios or folders and these are well-represented by Protec Deer River and many other brands. In addition folios and similar cases are indispensable for teachers carrying large volumes of sheet music as well as for students learning instruments with large repertoires.