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Clark W Fobes Basso NOVA Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard


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The Ideal Step-Up Mouthpiece.

The Basso NOVA Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece from Fobes brings unparalleled focus and power to your playing. This hard rubber mouthpiece is designed for bass clarinetists seeking a rich, resonant tone and effortless playability. Featuring Fobes' popular CF facing, the NOVA mouthpiece produces clear and focused notes across all registers of the bass clarinet. Its symmetrical rails and 1.70mm tip opening provide a balanced, broad tone that projects with authority. Whether you're practicing in the studio or performing on stage, the Basso NOVA helps you achieve a professional level of control and expression.

Precision-Engineered Facing for Superior Intonation
The Basso NOVA has been completely redesigned and patterned after the Fobes 10K series mouthpieces to improve tone color and response. The mouthpieces are professionally finished and provide great results at an affordable price

Symmetrical Rails for Balanced, Focused Tone
The Basso NOVA features symmetrical rails that produce an evenly balanced tone. This results in a rich, colorful sound with clear highs, robust lows and a focused core. The 1.70mm tip opening further enhances tonal balance by allowing enough air flow for a projecting yet controlled tone.

Premium Materials for Resonance and Durability
Crafted from dense hard rubber, the Basso NOVA mouthpiece delivers a resonant, vibrant tone. Hard rubber is prized for its ability to produce warm, complex overtones that give each note depth and character. The material is also extremely durable, enabling years of reliable performance. Each mouthpiece is hand finished and play tested to ensure the highest quality.


  • Material: Hard Rubber
  • Rails: Symmetrical
  • Tip Opening: 1.70mm