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About Woodwind Mouthpieces

As its name implies the mouthpiece is the part of a single-reed woodwind instrument that comes into contact with the player's mouth. Functionally there is very little difference between saxophone mouthpieces and clarinet mouthpieces. Each is made with a hollow inner chamber that is backed by the reed and serves as the starting point for vibration of air through the instrument. The size and shape of that chamber has a substantial impact on the tone produced by the mouthpiece and by the instrument itself in turn. In a similar manner the player's choice of reed and ligature to attach to the mouthpiece will also make a significant difference in its tonal characteristics.

Traditionally woodwind mouthpieces have been made of hard rubber and while that remains the most popular material there are some other options as well. Metal mouthpieces are commonly used by jazz saxophonists while some woodwind players prefer to use a crystal mouthpiece. Plastic models are also available as a substitute for hard rubber. The effect of material on tone is a matter of much debate among musicians though it is generally accepted that the dimensions of the mouthpiece - and especially of its inner resonating chamber - have the largest role in determining sound and material choice is therefore secondary to mouthpiece size and shape.