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Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard


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A durable, well-balanced mouthpiece for developing bass clarinet players.

The Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece provides an excellent option for beginner to intermediate bass clarinetists. Made of high-quality plastic resin, this mouthpiece is designed to last through years of regular use without warping or cracking. Its medium 4C tip opening offers a balanced response and tone that accommodates a range of playing styles.

Versatile and Resilient Design
With a tip opening suitable for a variety of repertoire, the 4C mouthpiece allows you to explore different musical genres as your skills improve. Its durable yet lightweight construction ensures that it will hold up well to repeated assembly and disassembly, as well as the moisture associated with playing the bass clarinet. A protective cap is included to keep the mouthpiece clean when stored in your case or bag.

Thoughtfully Engineered for Optimal Tone and Response
The 4C mouthpiece is carefully designed with internal dimensions like chamber size, baffle angle and bore size that enable a rich, resonant tone with good projection. These features, combined with the medium tip opening, provide balanced response and intonation to help developing players achieve an evenly-produced sound. The facing length and curve have also been tailored to suit the needs of beginner and intermediate bass clarinetists.

An Ideal Choice for Educators and Students
With its durable, well-designed construction and versatile performance, the Yamaha 4C Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece is an excellent choice for music educators and their students. It provides a high-quality yet affordable mouthpiece option suitable for establishing good habits and skills in beginner and intermediate bass clarinetists.

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