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Yamaha 4C Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard


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Achieve a consistent, balanced tone with this high-performance mouthpiece.

The Yamaha YAC-1266 4C Mouthpiece provides an unparalleled playing experience for clarinetists of all skill levels. Constructed from premium phenol resin plastics, this mouthpiece delivers a rich, focused tone across all octaves of the instrument. Yamaha's precision manufacturing process adheres to the strictest quality standards, ensuring an accurate, responsive mouthpiece that provides exceptional value for its price.

Premium Materials for a Lifetime of Use
The durable yet comfortable phenol resin plastic withstands years of regular play without warping or cracking. Its high-quality construction produces a mouthpiece that maintains a consistent shape and internal dimensions over time for a reliable tone and response. With proper care and maintenance, this mouthpiece will provide a lifetime of balanced, articulate performance.

A Versatile Tone for Any Style
The 4C size and medium-wide aperture of this mouthpiece produces a tone that suits a variety of musical genres. With a full, resonant sound in the low register and a focused, projecting tone in the high register, this mouthpiece handles the technical demands of classical, jazz and contemporary music with equal ability. Its balanced timbre and dynamic range allow you to shape your tone to fit any style.

Precision Engineering for Flawless Response
Yamaha utilizes state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce mouthpieces that meet their strict quality standards. Computer-aided design and precision CNC machining ensure an accurately fitted reed bed and rail, as well as an evenly tapered bore. The result is a mouthpiece with perfect pitch across all notes, immediate articulation and a comfortable fit that reduces air leakage for optimal performance.

An Ideal Choice for Every Clarinetist
With a medium-wide tip opening and standard facing length, the 4C model suits the embouchure of most clarinetists. Its versatile characteristics make this a perfect first mouthpiece for beginners and students, while more advanced players will appreciate its high quality and balanced tonal properties. For a premium mouthpiece at an affordable price, the Yamaha YAC-1266 4C is an exceptional value.

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