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Vandoren Series M13 Lyre Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard


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The Vandoren M13 Lyre Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece is a trailblazing mouthpiece design that provides an unparalleled blend of rich, centered tone and effortless response. Since 1905, Vandoren has crafted premium mouthpieces to accentuate the unique qualities of clarinets, and the M13 Lyre exemplifies their mastery. Its medium-long facing and 102 tip opening furnish a broad range of timbres suited to both symphonic and chamber music. The M13 Lyre's ebonite construction produces notes with stunning clarity and projection.

The M13 Lyre's medium-long facing provides a versatile tonal profile equally suited to the nuances of symphonic works and the complexities of chamber music. Its facing length helps generate a rich, multi-dimensional tone across all registers of the clarinet, with a balanced high end that soars and a low end endowed with warmth and depth. The M13 Lyre gives clarinetists an expansive set of tonal brushes to color their musical canvases.

Vandoren crafted the M13 Lyre from high-quality ebonite, a material revered for enhancing the resonance and projection of clarinet mouthpieces. Ebonite's dense structure helps the M13 Lyre vibrate freely, allowing it to produce notes with stunning clarity. The ebonite used in the M13 Lyre also provides a durable mouthpiece that maintains its quality for years. For players pursuing a resonant, responsive mouthpiece, the M13 Lyre's ebonite build is ideal. The M13 Lyre features a 102 tip opening, a diameter that provides unrestricted airflow and easy response. Its optimized tip opening helps generate seamless transitions between notes, permitting clarinetists to navigate large intervals and technical passages with ease. The M13 Lyre's 102 tip also allows a range of reed strengths, giving players flexibility in crafting their desired tone and responsiveness. Precisely manufactured to strict tolerances, the M13 Lyre exhibits Vandoren's hallmark excellence in design and construction. For clarinetists pursuing an elite mouthpiece, the M13 Lyre contains all the attributes of a premium product.


  • Facing: Medium Long
  • Ligature: Not Included
  • Material: Ebonite
  • Tip: 102