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Clark W Fobes Debut Student Clarinet Mouthpiece Standard


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Start them right!!

The Clark Fobes Debut Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece gives students and beginners an ideal start. With its close facing, the Debut mouthpiece provides the resistance and concentrated sound needed to build proper embouchure and breath control. Hand-finished and play-tested, each mouthpiece is crafted to professional specifications so students can continue using it well into their high school years.

Develop Strong Embouchure and Breath Control
The Debut mouthpiece's close facing creates the resistance that helps students strengthen their embouchure and breath control. By working against this resistance, students can focus their tone and build the muscles needed for clarinet playing. The result is better tone, improved intonation and greater stamina.

Consistency and Quality in Every Mouthpiece
Clark Fobes individually hand-finishes and play-tests each Debut mouthpiece to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Students get a mouthpiece tailored to their needs that will provide consistent response and tone from day to day. The Debut's professional-level design also means students won't outgrow this mouthpiece as their skills improve.

Value that Lasts Through High School
While affordably priced for beginners, the Debut mouthpiece is made to professional specifications. This high-quality design allows students to continue using the Debut mouthpiece through high school without needing an upgrade. Students get a mouthpiece that will last for years at a price that fits any budget.

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  • Facing: Medium
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Tip Opening: 1.00 mm