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Vandoren BD5 Black Diamond 13 Series Ebonite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece 13 Series


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The evolution of Ebonite.

Introducing the BD5 Black Diamond 13 Series Ebonite Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece from Vandoren. Since 1905, Vandoren has crafted elite woodwind mouthpieces from the highest quality materials and the BD5 Black Diamond is no exception. Machined from rich ebonite, this mouthpiece produces a robust yet focused tonality ideal for clarinetists seeking subtlety and power. Its distinctive diamond-shaped chamber provides a clear, resonant sound across all registers. Whether performing a delicate pianissimo or bellowing fortissimo, the BD5 Black Diamond gives players refined command over dynamics and timbre.

Ebonite, a hard rubber compound, has been the mouthpiece material of choice for over a century thanks to its ability to vibrate freely. The BD5 Black Diamond leverages ebonite's resonant properties to generate a warm, mellow tone with complex overtones. Its material also provides a comfortable playing feel and helps reduce condensation buildup during extended playing sessions. For clarinetists seeking a mouthpiece with vintage character and modern precision, ebonite is an unparalleled choice.

At the heart of the BD5 Black Diamond lies its signature diamond-shaped chamber, which produces a focused sonic center with rich lower mids and clear upper registers. The chamber's angled walls help project sound outward, resulting in a tone that cuts through ensembles. An open, free-blowing feel also allows for dexterous technique and rapid interval changes. Whether playing solo, in a chamber group, or large orchestra, the BD5 Black Diamond's focused sound and responsive feel empower musical expression.

With a warm yet incisive tone, the BD5 Black Diamond suits many genres from classical to klezmer. Its vibrant sound lends itself well to the intricate phrasing and wide range of classical repertoire, while its powerful projection makes it ideal for outdoor gigs and world music. An excellent all-around mouthpiece, the BD5 Black Diamond gives clarinetists a premium option for any musical context.