Instrument Rentals

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a maintenance plan?

Yes, our optional LDW (Liability Damage Waiver) plan provides worry-free coverage of essential maintenance while you are renting. LDW covers certain repairs at no charge to you unless the damage is due to your willful act or negligence, in which case our standard repair rates apply. The LDW does not include damage to finishes, cosmetic damage to cases, case feet, string breakage (after the first 14 days of rental), speakers, reeds, drum sticks and mallets, heads, bow hair, rosin, brass and woodwind mouthpiece loss, neck straps, ligature loss and caps. Mouthpiece and ligature, included with instrument at time of rental, is covered upon presentation of the broken part. ALL REPAIRS MUST BE DONE BY A COMPANY-APPROVED TECHNICIAN. The LDW is void if payments are past due.

LDW also covers loss of or damage to the instrument due to theft or fire. For theft, you must furnish us with a Police Report showing forced entry within 72 hours of the loss. The LDW does not cover mysterious disappearance from the school band or orchestra room or lockers. Homeowner's insurance does not usually cover the instrument. Without LDW, you are financially responsible for loss, theft, damage to or destruction of the instrument.