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About Concert Cymbals

Concert cymbals, also known as crash cymbals, are essential to orchestras and marching bands and they are used to create drama excitement and even accent rhythms. They're typically played in matched pairs (one cymbal held in each hand) and are clashed together to produce sound. In marching bands cymbal percussionists often incorporate feats of showmanship into their routine including spinning and flashing. In orchestras concert cymbals are held at chest height at a few inches apart and played at a slight angle. When only one concert cymbal is used it's called a suspended cymbal; it's mounted on a stand and played with a beater or stick. In orchestras suspended cymbals are usually meant for swells and rolled crescendos - these are achieved by playing a single-stroke roll on the cymbal's outer edge with soft mallets (one on each side).

Concert cymbals come in various weights sizes and tones - the three weights are: light, medium, and heavy. These cymbals can range anywhere from 14" to 22" in diameter. While smaller thicker cymbals have a higher pitch thinner cymbals are better for expression and larger cymbals are the loudest and lowest in pitch. Depending on the brand and model concert cymbals are crafted from a variety of copper alloy blends each of which deliver their own unique tonal qualities. Zildjian and Sabian are respected names amongst orchestra and marching percussionists and both companies offer concert crash and suspended cymbals for every budget and percussion application.