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Conn Helleberg Series Tuba Mouthpiece Silver 7B


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Experience deep, resonant tones with signature control.

The Helleberg Series tuba mouthpiece by Conn provides unparalleled performance for tubists. Expertly crafted and named after the legendary bandmaster August Helleberg, this mouthpiece delivers exceptional depth and clarity of tone.
Deep Cup and Rim Shape Generate Powerful Sound
The Helleberg Series mouthpiece's unique cup and rim shape strike an ideal balance between control and flexibility, allowing you to create rich, robust tones with ease. Its design enhances the lower register of your tuba, producing the full, resonant sounds Helleberg was renowned for. Whether performing in concert bands, orchestras or other ensembles, this mouthpiece gives you the volume and timbre for any venue.

Silver-Plated Build Offers Comfort and Durability
The silver-plated Helleberg Series mouthpiece provides superior comfort and longevity. Its high-quality silver plating not only delivers an exceptional surface for creating sound but also protects against tarnish and corrosion. The plating's smooth finish allows for natural airflow and minimizes resistance when playing, reducing jaw fatigue. This durable yet responsive design ensures ease of use and consistent, high-quality performance for years to come.

Enhances Playability for Musicians of All Levels
Ideal for tubists of any proficiency, the Helleberg Series mouthpiece enhances the tonal qualities and playability of your instrument. Its optimized shape and size provide balanced airflow and back pressure, allowing precise control and flexibility. This combination of power and nuance helps developing musicians cultivate technique while giving seasoned players an accessible way to achieve Helleberg's characteristic rich tone. Overall, the Helleberg Series mouthpiece epitomizes Conn's commitment to empowering tubists at every stage of their musical journey.

Named for Legendary Tubist August Helleberg
The Helleberg Series pays tribute to the pioneering tubist August Helleberg. As the chief tubaist of John Philip Sousa's band, Helleberg needed a mouthpiece that could produce the volume and depth of tone required to fill the era's largest concert halls. Through close collaboration with Conn, Helleberg helped develop a design that would become the prototype for the Helleberg Series mouthpiece. Today, this storied legacy lives on, allowing tubists everywhere to experience the power and clarity of Helleberg's signature sound.

Experience the legacy of August Helleberg. Order the Helleberg Series tuba mouthpiece today.

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