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D'Addario Natural Rosin Dark


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A premium performance rosin with an all-natural formula.

The Natural Rosin combines natural ingredients to create a high-quality rosin perfectly suited for horsehair and synthetic bows. Musicians seeking an affordable yet professional-level rosin will appreciate its thoughtful design and natural formula. The Natural Rosin's attractive packaging slips easily into instrument cases, while its unique grip channel allows for comfortable handling and application. Designed for higher-stringed instruments like violin and viola, the Natural Rosin delivers a full, rich tone.

All-Natural Ingredients for Robust Tone
The Natural Rosin is crafted from all-natural ingredients selected to optimize tone production. Its natural formula works equally well with both horsehair and synthetic bows, allowing musicians to achieve a warm, resonant tone. The rosin's natural ingredients are responsibly and sustainably sourced, resulting in a premium rosin that produces a full, balanced tone.

Thoughtful, Convenient Design
The Natural Rosin features an attractive yet compact design ideal for musicians on the go. Its packaging slips easily into instrument cases, ensuring the rosin is readily available whenever needed. A unique grip channel allows for comfortable and controlled handling, enabling precise rosin application. The rosin's thoughtful design demonstrates a commitment to user-friendliness and premium quality.

Ideal for Higher-Stringed Instruments
The Natural Rosin is optimized for higher-stringed instruments like violin and viola. Its all-natural formula works to produce a rich, resonant tone from violin and viola strings. The rosin's medium hardness provides enough grip for responsive bowing on higher-pitched strings without excessive powdering. The result is a full, balanced tone with subtle warmth and clarity.

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