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D'Addario NS Reflex Capo Antique Bronze


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A capo that keeps your instrument in tune at every fret.

The NS Reflex Capo lets you change keys quickly and confidently. Its patented Side-Action design clamps onto your guitar neck with minimal effort, applying even pressure regardless of your instrument's profile. Micrometer tension adjustments ensure your strings stay centered, eliminating the need to re-tune after placing the capo. Constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, the Reflex Capo is lightweight yet durable, designed for buzz-free performance at any fret. An integrated pick holder provides added convenience for live and studio use alike.

Patented Side-Action Geometry Makes Positioning a Breeze
The Reflex Capo's patent-pending Side-Action design requires little force to open and close, allowing you to change position instantly. Its geometry applies consistent tension across your strings, keeping them centered for optimal intonation at any fret. This innovative mechanism gives you the freedom to change keys quickly during live performance or recording sessions without compromising tone or tuning stability.

Micrometer Tension Adjustment Eliminates String Pulling
With the Reflex Capo's micrometer tension adjustment, you can fine-tune clamping pressure to match your instrument's feel and strings. This precision tuning, combined with direct horizontal pressure, prevents the capo from pulling your strings sideways - so you can place it at any fret without re-tuning. The capo's aluminum construction is sturdy yet lightweight, allowing full vibration of the neck and body for the best possible tone at any position.

Thoughtfully Designed for Musicians
The Reflex Capo includes an integrated pick holder, providing convenient storage for extra picks during use. Its streamlined shape adds minimal bulk to your instrument neck for unobstructed playing. The capo's durable aluminum build will withstand years of regular use without significantly marking your frets. Overall, the NS Reflex Capo is a thoughtfully engineered tool designed to make key changes quick, simple and hassle-free for musicians.

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