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D'Addario CT-20 Chromatic Tuner Pedal Black


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Get your axe in tune quickly and easily.

Introducing the D'Addario Planet Waves CT-20 Chromatic Pedal Tuner; a revolutionary tuner designed for musicians who demand accurate and intuitive tuning. Featuring a slim, rugged aluminum enclosure, 32-bit processing, and a high-visibility full-color display, the CT-20 puts precision tuning at your feet. The CT-20 is perfect for live performers and recording artists looking to quickly tune their instrument between songs silently.

Ultra-Fast Note Detection
With 32-bit processing, the CT-20 detects notes with lightning speed and pinpoint accuracy. Its wide calibration range means you can tune instruments of all types, from electric and acoustic guitars to basses, violins, and more. The bold display shows the note you're playing, as well as how sharp or flat you are, so you can get in tune fast.

Road-Ready and Built to Last
The CT-20 features a rugged aluminum enclosure built to withstand life on the road. It's compact but durable, so it won't take up precious pedalboard space but will stand up to enthusiastic stomping. Power it with the included 9-volt battery or with an optional 9V power supply for performance after performance.

True Bypass and Battery Status Monitoring
To preserve your tone, the CT-20 features true bypass wiring. When the tuner is not engauged, your signal passes straight through with no change in tone.

A Tuner for All Musicians
With its fast note detection, compact size, and durable build, the CT-20 is ideal for musicians of all types. Whether you play guitar, bass, violin or another instrument, the CT-20 provides the fast, accurate tuning you need for practice, live shows, and recording. Experience precision tuning at your feet with the D'Addario Planet Waves CT-20 Chromatic Pedal Tuner.


  • 32-bit processor for fast response
  • True-bypass wiring
  • Full-color vertical display
  • Slim, lightweight design