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About Double Basses

By far the largest of the four common orchestral string instruments the double bass commands a certain degree of attention on the stage or in the concert hall. It is also the most recently-developed instrument in its family and as such there is no strict consensus as to its design - this is why it varies more widely in shape compared to the violin, viola, or cello. The double bass is a transposing instrument and the lowest-pitched of its kind in a symphony orchestra one of many performance settings in which it frequently appears. Sometimes called the upright bass it can also be found in the hands of rock pop bluegrass folk and country bassists and especially in the rockabilly and blues genres.

In orchestral settings the double bass is typically played with a bow. However it is not uncommon for it to be played pizzicato (by plucking the strings) and this technique is in fact the norm for jazz blues and rockabilly. The manufacturers of the double bass tend to be shared with its sibling instruments including brands like Strobel and Knilling. Most of these marques offer basses in several different sizes and for most players - particularly young beginners - it is important to choose the correct-size double bass in order to develop proper playing form. Many resources are available online and elsewhere to assist in this measuring and sizing process.