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DW DW Performance Series 1 mm Polished Copper Snare Drum 14 x 8 in.


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A custom-quality snare with gleaming copper tone.

The DW Performance Series 1 mm polished copper snare drum brings pro-level design to your kit. With a gleaming 1mm polished copper shell, this snare offers focused, balanced attack and complex, darker overtones perfect for live gigs. Its copper build lends vintage appeal with modern playability. Outfitted with Performance Series lugs and TruePitch tension rods, the drum allows stable tuning with reduced slippage. The MAG throw-off and 3P butt plate give you quick access to three different snare tensions, ideal for dialing in your sound. On stage, the polished copper shell provides eye-catching esthetics. For drummers wanting a custom snare with classic copper tone, the Performance Series 1 mm polished copper snare drum delivers.

Balanced Attack and Dark Tones With a 1 mm Copper Shell

The 1 mm polished copper shell of this DW snare drum gives your playing a dynamic presence. Copper provides focused attack with a balanced, even response across the drum head. Compared to steel and aluminum, the copper material brings out darker, moodier tonal qualities with more complexity in the overtones. The shell thickness further shapes the sound. At just 1 mm, vibrations resonate through the drum freely with sustain. Hit the drum with rimshots or cross stickings to really make the copper shell sing. Overall, the thin copper build highlights your rhythmic playing with clear articulation and a vintage vibe.

Performance Components for Pro-Style Tuning and Tension Control

Outfitted with pro-level hardware, the Performance Series copper snare drum gives you enhanced functionality. The Performance Series lugs provide a classic look while aiding in the tuning process. With TruePitch tension rods, you can dial in precise pitches without frustrating slippage after tightening. The MAG throw-off allows quick snare release, while the 3P butt plate provides three tension settings at the flip of a switch. With both features, you can fine-tune the snare response from tight and crisp to loose and buzzy, perfect for different playing situations. Take full control over the drum's tension and snare sound.

Polished Copper Finish for Striking Stage Presence

With a gleaming polished copper finish, this snare drum makes a statement onstage. The satin sheen highlights the natural beauty of the metal material, providing tonal and visual appeal. The polished shell also increases projection for more volume. Thanks to the smooth, flawless finish, the drum looks as great as it sounds. For drummers wanting bold, professional esthetics, the polished copper look delivers.


  • Polished and rolled copper shell, 1 mm
  • Performance quarter lugs
  • MAG throw-off
  • 3P butt plate
  • Triple-flange hoops

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm