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About Acoustic Drums

Acoustic drum kits have long played an essential role in popular music. Virtually every genre of music uses acoustic drums, including rock, jazz, country and hip-hop. There are certain drums and cymbals that practically every kit contains the:snare drum, bass drum,two toms and a lower floor tom. As for cymbals, the most common are the Hi Hat Cymbals,ride cymbal, and crash cymbal. In addition to the drums, every player needs a quality set of drum sticks, a kick pedal to play the bass drum, a drum throne and a drum key for tuning. There are many respected acoustic drum and percussion manufacturers on today's market. Some of the most popular acoustic drum brands are: Pearl and Yamaha.

While acoustic kits are preferred by most drummers, a lot of players opt for electric drum kits. Electric drums are electrical pads/triggering devices played in real time that can produce a wide range of instruments and effects when they are hit. Electric drums were created in the early '70s by The Moody Blues drummer Graeme Edge and were used on countless top 40 recordings during the 1980s. Modern electric kits often feature built-in metronomes and can emulate multiple drum sounds from a single pad, but their main advantage is that their volume can be lowered (making them ideal for drummers who live in apartments or who are parents to infants). Electric drums have come a long way since their inception and their ability to mimic the feel and sound of acoustic drums has improved a considerable amount.