No matter where your next gig's at, this is a kit that'll help you fit in.

The DWe wireless acoustic-electronic convertible tom brings together the best of both worlds with the first-ever acoustic and electronic convertible drum kit featuring wireless technology. Designed and crafted in California by DW Drums, the DWe tom shell is constructed from 100-percent North American maple in DW's patented 9-ply configuration. This ensures you get the same premium quality and craftsmanship DW is known for.

Proprietary Wireless Triggers Provide a Wide Dynamic Range

Each DWe tom shell comes fitted with DW's proprietary wireless triggers, giving you a broad dynamic range when playing electronically. The triggers connect wirelessly to your computer via the DrumLink USB hub (not included), providing a low-latency connection and converting signals into MIDI data. This makes it easy to use the DWe with DW's Soundworks software or integrate it into any third-party software.

Easily Convert From Acoustic to Electronic

A revolutionary feature of the DWe is how effortlessly you can alternate between acoustic and electronic playing. It ships with both mesh and Mylar heads, allowing quick conversion between the two. When played acoustically, you get the deep, resonant tone DW drums are revered for. And you can subtly hear the shell's pitch when playing electronically thanks to the Mylar head.

Add-on Toms Available in Various Sizes and Finishes

The DWe comes in a variety of beautiful finishes and sizes, letting you customize and expand your setup. Whether you need a rack tom or floor tom, you'll find a DWe model that fits your needs. And with DW's STM tom mounts, you can position each drum perfectly.

Innovative Design Made in the U.S.A.

With DWe, DW brings their five decades of drum-making expertise together with groundbreaking technology. The VLT shell orientation reduces tension while producing great attack and resonance. Paired with DW's graduated hoops and tom mounts, the DWe lets your drumming shine. Best of all, each DWe tom is handcrafted at DW's California factory.


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm