Item #1415108 Model #EPP-EC2SHDD-S

Evans EC2S Clear Tom Heads with Free 14 in. HD Dry Snare Head 12, 13, 16 in.


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Restore your drum sound to its original glory with this value pack of heads.

Evans™ EC2™ series features two plies of 7 mil film with optimized attack, tone, length of sustain and ease of tuning for each size head. The Sound Shaping Technology (SST™) Edge Control ring mounted on the underside delivers an extremely well balanced and pre-EQ'd sound across the full kit by varying the size of the ring for each different head size.

This pack includes a Free 14 in. Coated HD Dry Snare Head. Evans™ Genera™ HD™ Dry Snare heads feature two plies of film. An outer ply of 5 mil film and an inner ply of 7.5 mil film, in combination with a 2 mil overtone control ring on the underside that "floats" with the head, eliminating excessive overtones and controlling sustain. Precision-drilled dry vents around the perimeter of head reduce overtones and control sustain.
Sizes and Purpose
  • Size(s): Multiple
  • Quantity: Set
  • Styles: Multipurpose
  • Type: Snare/Tom
  • Side: Batter
  • Texture: Clear
  • Plies: 2
  • Material: Proprietary
  • Thickness (mil): 7mil
  • Weight: Heavy
  • Collar: Standard
  • Dampening ring: No
  • Country of origin: United States


  • Durable 2-ply construction
  • Easily tuned with optimized attack, tone and sustain
  • Multiple size packs available
  • Includes free snare head