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Faber Piano Adventures Piano Adventures Level 1 Lesson Book 2nd Edition Standard


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The essential primer for learning piano.

The Piano Adventures Level 1 Lesson Book provides the perfect introduction for beginners. This methodical course of study teaches students the fundamentals of piano in a step-by-step progression. Through the five-finger approach, students gain a fresh, musically engaging perspective on learning. By navigating varied hand positions across the keyboard, reading skills are reinforced as students learn to recognize intervals and understand the grand staff. Musicianship is built from the start with instruction on legato and staccato touches.

Step-by-Step Progression Provides a Solid Foundation
The Piano Adventures Level 1 Lesson Book introduces piano basics in a gradual, logical manner. Beginning with the notes of the grand staff, the course progresses to elementary chords, tonic and dominant notes and interval recognition up to the fifth. This step-by-step approach provides new students a comprehensive understanding of fundamental theory and technique.

Five-Finger Method Promotes Engaging Learning
The innovative five-finger method eschews tedious exercises in favor of a fresh, musically rewarding learning experience. Students play varied positions across the keyboard, reinforcing reading skills in an enjoyable, hands-on way. This approach keeps beginners engaged as they gain familiarity with the piano.

Builds Musicianship and Reading Skills
From the first lesson, musicianship and reading skills are emphasized. Students learn proper fingering and hand position, as well as legato and staccato touches. By navigating the grand staff, students gain the ability to recognize intervals and understand the relationship between notes. These skills provide a strong foundation for growth and mastery.

Created for Beginners of All Ages
With its gradual progression and engaging five-finger method, the Piano Adventures Level 1 Lesson Book is ideal for beginners of all ages. This comprehensive course provides students with a rewarding, user-friendly experience that inspires a lifelong love of piano.

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