Item #1604790 Model #STR-5-28100-SS-XS

Fodera Stainless Steel Extra Short Scale 5 String Bass Set 28 - 100

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Expertly crafted strings that unlock the full potential of short-scale basses.

Fodera x DR 5-string bass set gives you a bright, punchy tone from its stainless steel strings. Designed for 5-string basses with a 30.75" scale, these strings are tapered to intonate perfectly on your instrument while providing a balanced feel. Made to Fodera's exacting standards, these strings feature a round steel core and precision windings for optimal tension and response. With a gauge of .028, .040, .060, .080 and .100, this light set lets you fly across the fingerboard while still giving you a clear low B. For short-scale bassists seeking clarity, definition and comfort, the Fodera x DR 5-string bass set delivers.