Item #1554859 Model #GMU-HSL100

Gemini GMU-HSL100 Single Headset, Lavalier Wireless UHF Microphone System, 512-541.7mHz Standard


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Wireless microphone system for live audio applications.

The Gemini GMU-HSL100 is a UHF wireless system with an HS10 dynamic headset microphone and a LAV10 lavalier microphone with BT10 wireless transmitter body pack and R10 receiver. This expandable Plug & Play system will meet all your wireless needs, with a USB-rechargeable receiver and long-distance wireless connection. Gemini’s GMU Wireless system is perfect for many applications, including but not limited to: karaoke, busking, weddings, conferences, streaming and podcasting. The GMU Wireless System can support six pairs of devices working without interference and also transmit one signal to several receivers at the same time.
  • R10 Wireless Receiver
  • HS10 Headset Microphone
  • LAV10 Lavalier Microphone
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • User manual


  • UHF high-band single-channel receiver with multi selectable frequencies
  • Ultra-fast microcomputer controlled PLL oscillation circuit
  • Advance compression circuit rejects unwanted noise
  • Hassle-free automatic transmitter setup via SET button 
  • Includes HS10 headset microphone and LAV10 lavalier microphone 
  • Wearable bodypack transmitter with LED Screen (displays channel number or frequency and battery power)
  • Receiver with 1/4" jack, connect to amplifier, pedal, mixer etc.
  • Charge receiver and microphone via USB port