Item #1608517 Model #PUDFTDBQ4

Gibson Dirty Fingers Quick Connect Treble 4-Conductor Humbucker Pickup Double Black

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Unleash your inner rock god with this hot humbucker.

The Gibson Dirty Fingers quick connect treble 4-conductor humbucker pickup is designed to give you massive power and sustain without sacrificing your guitar's natural tone. With its three ceramic magnets and overwound coils, this humbucker provides you blistering lead tones and crunchy rhythm sounds whether you're playing in standard or dropped tunings. The adjustable pole pieces let you customize the output of each string to your liking. 4-conductor wiring gives you the flexibility to choose between series, parallel and split-coil modes. Fully wax-potted, the Dirty Fingers eliminates microphonic feedback so you can play as loud as you want.


  • Super-hot ceramic magnet humbucker for blistering lead tones
  • Overwound coils with adjustable pole pieces for massive output
  • 4-conductor wiring for series, parallel, split-coil operation
  • Fully wax-potted against microphonic feedback