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Glasser Bass Bow Fiberglass Half-Lined Frog Leatherette Grip 1/2 Size French


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Reliable and durable, perfect for growing players.

The Glasser F501H Bass Bow is an excellent, budget-friendly choice for aspiring bassists. This French-style fiberglass bow features a half-lined frog, metal under-slide, and imitation mother of pearl slide for smooth playability and an attractive appearance. The round, warp resistant fiberglass stick provides a comfortable, easy-to-grip diameter, while unbleached white horsehair and a leatherette grip deliver responsive action and control. Whether you're just picking up the bass or looking to upgrade from your first bow, the F501H offers exceptional quality and value.

Virtually Indestructible Fiberglass Stick
The Glasser F501H bass bow features a round fiberglass stick that is resistant to warping, damage, and environmental changes. Fiberglass provides a lightweight yet durable alternative to traditional wood, allowing for a comfortable playing experience without sacrificing power or projection. The wide diameter of the stick also makes it easy to grip and control, ideal for students and beginners.

Premium Components for Smooth Playability
A half-lined ebony frog, metal under-slide, and imitation mother-of-pearl slide provide an attractive appearance and facilitate smooth transitions between notes. Unbleached white horsehair and a leatherette grip deliver responsive action, allowing you to articulate each note with precision. These high-quality components give the F501H a professional feel at an affordable price point.

Sleek, Satisfying Design
With its satin black finish and elegant appointments, the Glasser F501H bass bow has an attractive, polished look. The minimalist yet stylish design complements the natural beauty of the fiberglass, highlighting the subtle grain pattern. This sleek, sophisticated bow will satisfy players and audiences alike with both its performance and appearance.

Unbeatable Value for Aspiring Bassists
Whether you're a beginner bassist or looking to upgrade from your first bow, the Glasser F501H offers premium components and playability at an accessible price point. This lightweight, durable fiberglass bow provides a comfortable, responsive playing experience for students and professionals alike.


  • Fiberglass construction
  • Real horsehair
  • Plastic grip
  • Lined plastic frog
  • Will not warp