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Graph Tech TUSQ 6 String Guitar 43mm x 6mm Slotted Nut Ivory


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A premium upgrade for your guitar that enhances tone and playability.

The TUSQ 6-string guitar nut is a high-performance upgrade for your acoustic or electric guitar. Made of TUSQ, an advanced synthetic material that closely mimics natural ivory, this pre-slotted nut installs quickly and easily. It enhances your guitar's tone, sustain and tuning stability.

Pre-Slotted for Effortless Installation

The TUSQ 6-string guitar nut comes pre-slotted so you can simply remove your existing nut and drop this one in place. No filing or fitting required. Self-lubricating TUSQ material allows for smooth string movement across the nut slots, reducing binding and improving tuning stability.

Enhances Tone and Sustain

TUSQ material transfers string vibration efficiently to the neck for full, rich tone with enhanced sustain. Your notes will ring out clearly and sound more resonant. TUSQ's dense, hard composition also helps reduce unwanted overtones for a purer, more focused tone.

Improves Tuning Stability

TUSQ's slick, self-lubricating surface allows strings to glide smoothly over the nut. This minimizes binding that can cause your guitar to go out of tune, especially when using techniques like bends, slides and vibrato. Your guitar will hold its tuning better, even during aggressive playing.

Fits Most Guitars

With dimensions of 43 mm x 6 mm, the TUSQ 6-string guitar nut is designed to directly replace the existing nut on most standard acoustic and electric guitars. An affordable and non-invasive upgrade, it provides significant tonal and performance benefits without permanent modification to your instrument.


  • Made of TUSQ XL, a man-made ivory replacement chosen for its tonal properties
  • Pre-slotted for quick and easy installation
  • Intended for PRS/Ibanez-style guitars
  • Height of 0.3129"