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Graph Tech TUSQ Acoustic Guitar Blank Saddle 1/8" Ivory


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A custom saddle for enhanced tone and comfort.

The TUSQ acoustic guitar blank saddle provides an upgrade to your acoustic guitar that enhances its tone and playability. Made of a durable yet resonant synthetic material, this saddle is precision-cut to drop in and replace the saddle on most acoustic guitars. With a radius already shaped on the top, you can customize the saddle to your guitar and playing style by sanding and shaping it.

Enjoy Robust, Balanced Tone and Smooth Playability

The TUSQ saddle improves your guitar's tone by transferring string vibration efficiently to the bridge. This provides a robust, full tone across all six strings with a clear, balanced sound. The material is designed to have similar density and acoustic properties as natural wood, giving your guitar a natural tone. The saddle's smooth, dense surface also helps strings glide effortlessly during bends and slides for a comfortable playing feel.

Get Precise Intonation for Accurate Pitch

With its pre-radiused top, the TUSQ saddle can be customized to match your guitar's fingerboard radius and scale length. Carefully sanding and shaping the saddle provides compensation for each string, allowing for accurate pitch up and down the neck. This precision fit and customized compensation results in chords and single notes that ring true, enhancing your guitar's musicality and playability.

Built Tough for Years of Use

Made of an advanced, synthetic material, the TUSQ saddle is built to withstand years of regular use and string pressure without warping or breaking down. While providing a natural tone and feel, this material is more durable and stable than natural wood. The saddle's toughness ensures that you'll enjoy consistent tone, pitch accuracy and playing comfort from your guitar for a long time to come.


  • Made of TUSQ, a man-made ivory substitute that produces a warm, rich tone
  • Pre-radiused for easy installation and shaping
  • Drop-in replacement for most acoustic guitars
  • Hand-selected and matched for consistent quality