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Graph Tech TUSQ Strat Flat Bottom Slotted Nut Ivory


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A sleek, tonally transparent upgrade.

The TUSQ Strat Flat Bottom slotted nut provides Strat players a simple way to improve their instrument's tone and playability. Made of Graph Tech's acclaimed TUSQ XL, a man-made ivory alternative, this pre-slotted nut effortlessly drops into your Strat's nut slot. Its low-profile contouring and slick yet grippy surface create a comfortingly familiar feel under your fingertips.

Pre-Slotted for Quick, Easy Installation

The TUSQ Strat Flat Bottom slotted nut comes pre-cut to precisely match your Strat's neck so installation is a breeze. Just remove your existing nut, clean the slot, apply a drop of glue to the base of the new nut and slide it in—your Strat will be singing better in minutes. The nut's flat bottom and rounded edges provide an ideal fit for any Strat-style guitar.

TUSQ XL: The New Standard in Man-Made Ivory

TUSQ XL is Graph Tech's most advanced nut material, providing the tone and sustain of natural ivory with none of the ethical or legal issues. Its unique molecular structure creates a slick surface that improves tuning stability while also enhancing harmonic overtones and sustain. TUSQ XL's durability means this nut will serve your Strat for years to come with no loss of performance.

Low-Profile Design Improves Playing Comfort

The TUSQ Strat Flat Bottom slotted nut's streamlined shape and rounded edges create a playing surface that feels natural under your fingers. Its low profile brings the strings closer to the frets for easier fretting and bendings. Overall, this nut helps your Strat neck feel fast, fluid and comfortable during any playing style.

Enhances Your Strat's Natural Resonance

By efficiently transferring string vibration to the neck, the TUSQ Strat Flat Bottom slotted nut helps your Strat sing with its characteristic chime and snap. Single notes ring with bell-like clarity and chords bloom with harmonic richness. For Strat players seeking to maximize their instrument's natural acoustic qualities, this high-performance nut is a perfect upgrade.


  • TUSQ Strat Flat Bottom Slotted Nut
  • Pre-slotted TUSQ nut for drop-in replacement
  • Fits most Fender Stratocaster guitars
  • Self-lubricating material reduces string binding