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Graph Tech TUSQ XL 5-String Bass Slotted Nut Black


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A premium upgrade that enhances your bass tone and tuning stability.

The TUSQ XL 5-string bass slotted nut is an easy, affordable way to upgrade your bass, and take its tone and performance to the next level. Made of self-lubricating TUSQ, a man-made ivory alternative, this pre-slotted nut helps your strings glide smoothly over the nut for consistent tone and rock-solid tuning. The nut is precision crafted for drop-in replacement on your 5-string bass, requiring no modification. Simply remove your existing nut and drop in the TUSQ nut.

TUSQ Nut Enhances Tone, Sustain and Tuning Stability

The TUSQ nut is made of a proprietary self-lubricating material that helps your strings glide smoothly over the nut with minimal friction. This results in consistent tone from string to string and enhanced sustain. The material's low friction also helps your bass stay in tune better by allowing the strings to slide freely through the nut slots as you play.

Drop-in Replacement Requires no Modification

The TUSQ XL 5-string bass slotted nut is pre-shaped to precisely fit your bass's neck so installation is quick and easy. Simply remove your existing nut, clean the neck surface and drop in the new TUSQ nut. No sanding, filing or other modification required. In minutes, you'll be enjoying better tone, tuning stability and playability thanks to the TUSQ nut.

Made in the USA for Superior Quality

TUSQ nuts are made in the USA using the finest materials and manufacturing processes. String nuts may seem like a small part, but they have a big impact on your bass's performance. TUSQ nuts are precision made to the tightest tolerances for drop-in fit and functionality. You can rely on the quality and consistency of TUSQ nuts to enhance your bass for years to come.


  • Precision-cut slots for accurate intonation
  • TUSQ synthetic ivory material for warm, rich tone
  • Pre-radiused for perfect fit
  • Fits standard 5-string bass with 1/8" string spacing