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Graph Tech TUSQ XL Fender 4-String Jazz Bass Slotted Nut Black


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A premium upgrade that enhances your instrument's performance.

The TUSQ XL Fender 4-string Jazz Bass slotted nut provides an affordable way to significantly improve your bass's tone and playability. Crafted from Graph Tech's patented TUSQ XL, an advanced synthetic material that produces rich, complex overtones with articulate highs, this replacement nut slots into your Jazz Bass seamlessly. Pre-slotted for drop-in installation, the TUSQ XL nut upgrades your bass's existing nut to provide enhanced tuning stability, precision intonation and sustain.

TUSQ XL Material for Premium Tone and Sustain

TUSQ XL is an advanced synthetic material that produces full, complex tone with clear, articulate highs. Upgrading to a TUSQ XL nut on your Jazz Bass noticeably improves its tone by allowing more overtones and harmonics to come through. You'll experience enhanced sustain and a livelier feel. The material's natural lubricity also makes tuning smoother and reduces string binding.

Pre-Slotted for Quick and Easy Installation

The TUSQ XL Fender 4-string Jazz Bass slotted nut comes pre-slotted, so you can install it yourself in just a few minutes using basic tools. Simply remove your bass's existing nut, clean the neck surface, apply a small amount of glue to the bottom of the new nut and press it into place. Once the glue dries, you're ready to restring your bass and experience its upgraded performance. The nut's pre-slotted design and drop-in fit make it an easy DIY upgrade for any bassist.

Improved Tuning Stability and Intonation

A nut is one of the most critical contact points on your bass that affects tuning stability and intonation. The TUSQ XL nut's advanced synthetic material and precisely cut string slots provide a smooth, binding-free surface for each string to pass over. This results in strings that stay in tune better and intonate more accurately up and down the neck. Your bass will play and sound its best with this simple upgrade.

Contemporary Black Finish

The TUSQ XL Fender 4-string Jazz Bass slotted nut comes in a contemporary black finish that complements most Jazz Bass designs. Its dark, low-profile appearance draws little attention to itself while allowing your bass's natural woodgrain and hardware to remain the visual focus.


  • TUSQ XL material for improved tone and sustain
  • Pre-slotted for drop-in installation
  • Fits Fender Jazz Bass 4-string models
  • Upgrades stock nut for improved intonation and tuning stability