Item #1607588 Model #U99-18C

Grover Sta-Tite Ukulele With 18:1 Gear Ratio U99-18 Series Chrome Button Tuning Machines Chrome

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Vintage-inspired ukulele tuning machines for rock-solid tuning stability.

The Grover Sta-Tite ukulele tuners provide precise, reliable tuning for your ukulele. With an 18:1 gear ratio, you'll enjoy smooth, accurate tuning. The open gears and butterbean buttons give these tuners a classic look, while the 22/64" post hole and 25.2 mm overall post length to ensure a secure fit. Designed to drop in as a replacement for the U99-18 series, these tuners make upgrading your ukulele easy. You'll appreciate how the precise tuning and stylish design of the Grover Sta-Tite tuners enhance the tone and playability of your ukulele.

  • 22/64" post hole, overall post length 25.2mm
  • Post length to hole: 20 mm
  • Hardware included (bushings, screws)
  • Drop-in replacement for: U99-18 Series