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If you’re looking for a gift that’s going to be opened and then quickly forgotten, you’ve come to the wrong place. You can find those anywhere else.

At Music & Arts, we believe in something else. A very special kind of holiday magic. It’s the kind of magic that’s only possible when someone receives the perfect gift – the one that causes eyes to light up with pure joy, the imagination to run wild with possibility, and an excited mind to wonder, How could they possibly have known?

That’s the magic of music. And this holiday season, we’ve created this Buyer’s Guide to help you choose the electric guitar that’s exactly right.

Finding the gift of a lifetime has never been easier. Or quicker.

With total confidence, you can finish your holiday shopping here. Then, get back to the things the holiday season is really about. Not endlessly shopping and hoping you’ve made the right choice, but spending time with loved ones, decorating your home, baking delicious treats…and even binge-watching sappy movies that you’d be embarrassed to tell people about.

Holiday magic does exist. And you’ve found it.

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