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Hal Leonard Essential Elements for Strings - Violin 1 Book/Online Audio Standard


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Take your band program to the next level!

Brought to you by Hal Leonard, the Essential Elements for Strings, Violin Book 1 is a revolutionary method book and interactive online program that provides the ideal introduction for new violinists. With a proven track record over decades, Essential Elements offers an engaging balance of essential skills, theory fundamentals, and entertaining songs tailored specifically for violin. The book utilizes a gradual learning curve, introducing one new concept at a time to build solid technique and musical understanding. Young students and adult learners alike will appreciate the contemporary pedagogy and pacing that encourage mastery without excessive repetition.

Essential Elements now includes EEI, your ultimate online resource for interactive education. With EEI, traditional lessons are enhanced through expansive digital content for use in the classroom or at home. From start-up videos to play-along recordings with professional violinists, Essential Elements provides an array of multimedia tools to motivate new musicians. The program's digital features allow students to learn, practice, and assess their progress with innovative teaching technology.

New concepts in Essential Elements for Strings, Violin Book 1 are carefully introduced and immediately reinforced to build a solid foundation. Students first learn new notes through a note-by-note sequence, with the note names written inside the note heads. The names are gradually eliminated as students become more familiar. Proper bowing and left hand technique are taught through a series of comprehensive exercises called Skill Builders. These combine new rhythms, pitches, and bowings to develop essential violin skills.

Essential Elements for Strings, Violin Book 1 integrates music theory, history, and creativity to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Listening skills, subdivision, and assessment are introduced from the beginning. Rounds, duets, and orchestral arrangements inspire students' musical creativity. Performance Spotlights give students the opportunity to apply their new skills through planned concerts.

Essential Elements for Strings, Violin Book 1 includes an array of features to support new violinists. Accurate illustrations demonstrate proper playing position and fingering. Large print fingering charts are easy to read. A solo piece with piano accompaniment is provided for each instrument. With its comprehensive content and multimedia supplements, Essential Elements Violin Book 1 contains everything needed to begin learning violin.

  • ISBN: 9780634038174
  • Width: 9.0"
  • Length: 12.0"
  • 48 pages


Each Book Includes My EE Library
  • Start-up Video: learn the basics
  • Play-along MP3: features professional players on your instrument
  • Duets and Trios: print and play parts with friends
  • Music Listening Library: hear great pieces for orchestra
  • SmartMusic: exercises 1-100
Enhanced Starting System
  • Book 1 uses a note-to-note sequence with easy-to-read notation. Students begin with the note names written inside the note heads, and then the names are gradually eliminated.
  • Contemporary pedagogy starts from the "top" of the hand. Violins and violas start with three fingers down, cellos with four. This technique creates better left-hand shape and helps develop proper playing position from the beginning. Teaching the double bass is accomplished without displacing the octave.
Optimum Reinforced Learning
  • New material is carefully paced, sequential and immediately reinforced. New notes are approached by step, then gradually played with wider skips and crossing strings. Each new rhythm is introduced as a Rhythm Rap, which can be shadow bowed, then played on an open string, and finally placed in an appropriate melodic setting.
  • The right hand is thoroughly and sequentially developed through a series of seven Bow Builders. Each one defines a specific action required to produce an acceptable bow hand.
  • Only one new concept is introduced at a time. The pacing encourages student mastery without excessive repetition. You can move from line to line quickly within each class. Students master quarter notes, then move to eighth, half, dotted-half, and whole notes.
  • New concepts are presented in familiar keys and rhythms. These skills are integrated in shaded sections called Skill Builders to combine rhythms, pitches and bowings into comprehensive exercises to develop solid technique.
Theory, History, Cross-Curriculum and Creativity
  • It's all right in each student book, correlated with the music and concepts they are currently learning. This is by far the most efficient way to meet the National Standards, integrate other subjects into the music curriculum, and still teach the essentials of music performance.
Performance Spotlights
  • A variety of rounds, duets and orchestra arrangements (11) are included. These can be used independently throughout the year, or combined for a pre-planned concert.
Additional Features
  • Accurate illustrations help develop proper playing position
  • Listening Skills for each new note for accurate intonation
  • Subdivision introduced from the beginning
  • Assessment for immediate evaluation of students' skills
  • Large, clear Fingering Charts
  • Special page devoted solely to mixing Finger Patterns
  • Solo with piano accompaniment for each instrument