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Hill Rosin Light


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An artisanal rosin for the discerning cellist.

The Hill Dark Rosin is a premium, handcrafted rosin designed for cellists seeking superior grip and control. Made from a proprietary blend of oils and resins used for generations, this dark rosin provides a slightly softer, stickier formula than lighter varieties. The velvety texture helps the bow glide smoothly across the strings while maintaining friction for clear, resonant tones.

Dark, Soft Formula Enhances Grip
The Hill Dark Rosin is crafted to be slightly softer than lighter rosins, allowing the bow to grip the strings tightly. This enhanced stickiness gives cellists more control and responsiveness. The rosin adheres firmly to the bow hair, preventing slipping even during dramatic crescendos or expressive passages. The dark formula helps produce a rich, full-bodied tone with clear articulation and immediate response.

Padded Velveteen Shell for Protection
The Hill Dark Rosin comes wrapped in a padded velveteen shell to protect the rosin cake during transport and storage. The plush covering prevents crumbling while keeping the rosin clean and intact. A string tie secures the shell closed, allowing cellists to keep the rosin protected in their case or instrument bag. The high-quality shell is as elegant and durable as the rosin itself.

Premium Ingredients for Optimal Performance
Hill Dark Rosin is crafted from premium ingredients and a closely guarded formula perfected over generations. The proprietary blend of oils and resins provides consistent quality and performance. Cellists can rely on the rosin's smooth texture and optimal stickiness to produce their best tone and articulation. Professionals worldwide choose Hill Dark Rosin for its unmatched quality and bowing properties.

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